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Leadership Excellence with Measurable Results is a structured process, enabling executives and senior teams to realise their full potential. Our strength is the powerful combination of distinct methods, which not only enable executives to develop highly effective behaviour but also ensures its implementation into their daily work. For this purpose and selected topics, we take the traditional approach of individual conversations further and additionally involve the executives’ environment. Whilst Shape Leadership Advisors steer the process, executives and stakeholders become a joint supervisory body naturally creating reinforcement and encouragement along the way. Anonymous interviews create a distinct picture and therefore lead to visible change – right from the start! Precise action-plans, constant dialogue and online progress reviews give rise to a genuine feedback culture and ongoing development – not only at executive level! Our five step process makes executive development noticeable – and measurable.  

Achieving Leadership Excellence

Moving from "Insight" to "Action" and true Implementation

Method Leader

Phase 1

Suitability check Commitment
Method Leader

Phase 2

Stakeholder Intakes Self Awareness
Method Leader

Phase 3

Goal Setting Inner Circle Briefing
Method Leader

Phase 4

Advisory Feedback Implementation
Method Leader

Phase 5

Regular Measurable Progress Reviews

12 Months Program

  1. Introduction, mindset verification, selecting stakeholders
  2. Stakeholder interviews, self awareness instruments
  3. Defining leadership excellence focus areas, involving stakeholders
  4. Advisory feedback, identifying required changes, establishing new routines
  5. Regular checks to ensure measurable progress and sustainability
The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority

Ken Blanchard

Can Leadership Excellence be measured? It can indeed!

In a constantly changing business environment, leadership has become a highly complex issue. As an executive, you must first of all recognize which personal behaviour patterns have in the past led to success.

As a leading executive you are ultimately only successful if you persuade people to follow you as a leader. Why people follow you has, moreover, surprisingly little to do with functional expertise. Does your self-analysis reflect the view of those around you? Personalized stakeholder feedback enables you to understand which supposedly proven patterns of behaviour are possibly in fact counterproductive.

This feedback is far more than just a ticking of the box in a questionnaire; in fact it is often described as the most honest and comprehensive type of feedback that you as an executive are ever likely to receive – whether when taking on a CEO position of responsibility or in the course of coping with another complex executive task...

Leadership Excellence with Measurable Results (LMR) – What’s in it for the Leader?

You will see clearly what you really need and want to work on. On the basis of detailed and recurring feedback from your work environment, we’ll define your goals together and produce a concrete development plan. We’ll agree on milestones and make change measurable all the way through, because "What gets measured gets done" (Tom Peters). You will find that the process of change works right from the start and is lasting – and fun! You will become a role model for successful implementation of change - for your teams and for your organization.


What’s in it for the organization?

LMR is not only a noticeable change for the Leader. Organizations benefit equally if they take the step towards a feedback-oriented culture together with their executives. Executives learn to develop their leadership competence so that they increase business success and at the same time encourage a role-model culture. The results count for us just as it does for our clients. That's why we have results-based fees - and make the ROI comprehensible for you.


New CEO of an IT company reporting directly to US headquarters: identified the need for a change in leadership style, evolving away from previously task-focused criteria to a more people-oriented approach, far better suited to the requirements of the new position.


Global supply chain leader, automotive industry: benefitted from a management style change, swapping too much hands-on micro-management for more delegation and personnel development (a less operational, more strategic approach)

Pharmaceutical Company

General Manager of a pharmaceutical company: his challenge was to lead a team through a large restructuring period whilst maintaining motivation levels in the face of potential layoffs.

More Assignments


Antonio Olivieri

Global Medical Affairs Leader

Powerful Experience

Involving stakeholders is a powerful experience and a natural driver for on-going development.

Laurent Martinez


The best

Excellent concept to involve stakeholders. I’ve done several leadership journeys but this one was the best.

Saskia Fontein

General Manager Denmark/Iceland

Transformational experience

It was an excellent experience for me, even transformational! After about 6 months, I was in a much better place and was promoted to my next international assignment.

Michael Lange

Vice President International Communications & Technology

Value from the start

I can recommend it without hesitation. Great experience, which has added value from the start.

Sigrid Willame

VP Compliance, Glaxo Smith Kline Biologicals SA, Brussels

Empowered team

I have become a more empowering leader for my team…while finding more time for myself and for activities where I can bring strategic added value.

Marc-Simon Schaar

SVP Business Control Europe, Outokumpu

Increased effectiveness

The Stakeholders and Monthly Action Plans helped me to optimize my leadership with the help of others. I learned how to become even more effective by better leading those around me.

Fernando Gonzalez

Director Investments

Continuous development

Very useful methodology to set concrete targets, improve step by step and continuously check accomplishments throughout the process.

Eric Zanin

SVP Programs

6 instead of 1

I’ve done many coachings but this one really worked. Apart from the Coach, I had six of my colleagues who ensured I did what I promised – that’s simply unbeatable.