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High Performance Team Coaching is a 5-step process to continuously support teams in their development. Based on our concept for Leaders, we have developed a structured method that guarantees a positive sustainable team development as part of the working process. The prerequisite is the willingness for constant improvement – as an individual and as a team. Based on solid assessments of the initial situation, the team first analyses its goals and decision-making processes, leadership, the ability to deal with conflicts and its feedback culture. By systematically combining different methods, new behaviour patterns are then defined together with the team members and also established through a sustainable feedback culture – an important requirement for teams that deliver top performance. Whilst Shape Leadership Advisors steer the process, the team becomes a joint supervisory body naturally driving continuous improvement. Facilitated workshops, concrete action plans and regular online-based progress reports with measurable results lead to a solid feedback culture and sustainable development – of the entire team and each of its members. Our 5-step process guarantees measurable development on a daily basis.  

High Performance Team Coaching

A structured process ensures continuous progress

SL HPT Phase-1 RGB

Phase 1

Commitment Check & Process Kick-off
SL HPT Phase-2 RGB

Phase 2

Team Profile, Psychometrics & Business data
SL HPT Phase-3 RGB

Phase 3

Goal Setting & Video Observation
SL HPT Phase-4 RGB

Phase 4

Ongoing Action Planning & Implementation
SL-LMR-Phase-5 RGB

Phase 5

Regular Progress Reviews

12 Months Program

  1. Commitment check, define desirable state, kick-off
  2. Team member + individual interviews, psychometric team profile, business data
  3. Team meeting observation, video analysis, goal setting and focus areas
  4. Advisory, feedback, ongoing action plan, facilitating fast self-learning of team
  5. Regular online checks to ensure progress and sustainability, measurable results
„If you could get all the people in an organization rowing in the same direction, you could dominate any industry, in any market, against any competition, at any time"

Patrick Lencioni

Proven immediate and systemic benefits!

For Team Members:

  • Team identifies highly relevant individual AND common objectives
  • A regular feedback culture is introduced. Immediately visible behavioural change leads to growing cooperation.
  • Regular online progress checks encourage joint learning

For Client Organization:

  • Individual development as part of team’s growth process
  • Systemic move towards a culture of relevant feedback and mutual trust
  • Measurable and sustainable results