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Good to have you here!

We are Shape Leadership and we appreciate your curiosity. Extensive experience with various global organisations have shown us that even excellent methods can be improved upon when they actively engage the executive’s work environment in the process.

And it’s precisely this approach that differentiates us!

For this reason, we founded Shape Leadership as a consortium of internationally recognized Leadership Advisors, who all share this vision. We actually make Leadership Excellence measurable. Since we are so convinced of the merits of this concept, we have even made measurable results part of our fee structure.

If you want to find out more, we would be delighted to hear from you!

Antonio Olivieri

Global Medical Affairs Leader

Powerful Experience

Involving stakeholders is a powerful experience and a natural driver for on-going development.

Laurent Martinez


The best

Excellent concept to involve stakeholders. I’ve done several leadership journeys but this one was the best.

Saskia Fontein

General Manager Denmark/Iceland

Transformational experience

It was an excellent experience for me, even transformational! After about 6 months, I was in a much better place and was promoted to my next international assignment.

Michael Lange

Vice President International Communications & Technology

Value from the start

I can recommend it without hesitation. Great experience, which has added value from the start.

Sigrid Willame

VP Compliance, Glaxo Smith Kline Biologicals SA, Brussels

Empowered team

I have become a more empowering leader for my team…while finding more time for myself and for activities where I can bring strategic added value.

Marc-Simon Schaar

SVP Business Control Europe, Outokumpu

Increased effectiveness

The Stakeholders and Monthly Action Plans helped me to optimize my leadership with the help of others. I learned how to become even more effective by better leading those around me.

Fernando Gonzalez

Director Investments

Continuous development

Very useful methodology to set concrete targets, improve step by step and continuously check accomplishments throughout the process.

Eric Zanin

SVP Programs

6 instead of 1

I’ve done many coachings but this one really worked. Apart from the Coach, I had six of my colleagues who ensured I did what I promised – that’s simply unbeatable.

Our Approach

Leadership Excellence with Measurable Results and High-Performance Team programs are structured processes, which enable executives and senior teams to realise their full potential.

Taking the traditional approach of individual conversations further, we additionally involve the work environment.

This enables our clients to develop highly effective new behavioural patterns  in their interaction with their superiors, peers and employees and to implement them in a sustainable way into their daily work.

Our Method

Our strength is the powerful combination of distinct methods, such as 360°-degree interviews, work-place related personality tools and profound reflection processes. Concrete monthly action plans and the involvement of selected stakeholders from the Leaders’ environment and regular feedback rounds ensure the transfer process from insights into action. Guaranteed.

Through our five-step process, the Leader role-models executive development by making it noticeable and measurable. And so, the Leader acts as role model for the layers below.

Our Team

All our Advisors have long-term leadership experience in international environments and perform on high professional standards. Authenticity and transparency are key values for us – they mark how we work with our clients and among ourselves.

As partners we share a great passion for our work with Leaders and a strong commitment to results.

Last but not least you will notice: We really enjoy what we do – and you sense it!

Our Clients

Our clients are no so called “fix it” candidates but highly successful executives who understand continuous learning is as part of their Leader DNA. We work with board members, vice presidents and business unit managers, focusing on imminent added value for their organizations.  By participating in our program, these executives’ roles evolve into “Lighthouse Leaders” who transparently and sustainably role-model executive development – at the highest level. This is where effective change starts, if it is to be anchored in the company long-term and in a sustainable way.

Our clients are global companies, which appreciate our expertise and ongoing capacity for innovation. Through their feedback, we are also able to continuously fine-tune our services.


Leadership excellence with measureable results

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Phase 5

Phase 2

Phase 3

Phase 4

Phase 5


Every company is different of course, every Leader has their very own requirements and views, and each team faces different challenges. However, what all these projects have in common is that we do everything in our power to achieve outstanding results for our clients. Noticeable and measurable - across industries, products and continents.